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We provide an implementation of CCSDS 122.0-B-1 Recommended Standard, which is an image compression algorithm based on the wavelet transform and bit plane scanning. To understand how it works, please read the recently released Green Book (CCSDS 120.1-G-1, June, 2007) by the CCSDS.

To see how well the coder works,  you may demonstrate the coder on this website using either our images from here, or your own raw images from here.  The reconstructed image file can be downloaded if the coding is successfully completed.  You may upload an encoded file to see the reconstructed image.

The executable code and the C source code are available for downloading from here.


We appreciate Dr. Pen-Shu Yeh for her support on this project. We had been working together for a long time to make this coder and website work.

We also thank Dr. Aaron Kiley for his big efforts for fixing bugs. 

What's  New

  • The software was updated on Sept 7, 2008. Several bugs have been fixed and the code has been optimized by Dr. Aaron Kiley. He also tested the code under Mac and fixed several bugs that appear for Mac only.  For a full list of the bugs fixed, please see the document in here. Please download the latest code for testing.
  • The software was updated on March 9, 2008. One bug has been fixed: when the number of pixels in a row is not integer multiples of 8, the coding may fail.
  • The software was updated on Jan. 28, 2008. Two bugs have been fixed.
  • The website was updated on Nov 6, 2007. We are developing rate control schemes for the image coder. In the mean time, we are tring to extend it to video coding.
  • The website was updated on Sept 2, 2007. A few bugs of the software have been fixed.
  • The website was updated on Jan. 21, 2007. The software has been  updated. The Readme file is now finalized.
  • The new webpage is just launched in Nov. 4, 2006
  • Executable code and source code are now  available for download
  • A readme file (draft) is done.
  • We now have a new permanent host name,

Key Milestones

  • March 2006- Blue book was released
  • August  2005 - Redbook of the standard was sketched out

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