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     We have two ways to demonstrate the coder. You can select one of the four images as below and specify coding parameters to see results. Alternatively, you may upload your own raw images for test from here


1.  Sinan


2.  Sena


3.  Sensin


4.  Omaha

All these raw images are of 256x256, unsigned 8 bits/pixel, i.e., 64Kbytes.

All these original raw images can be downloaded from here.

Please tell the coder:

Image for coding:  
Bit rates (bits per pixel):   (between ([0, 8])
Wavelet Transform:   
Blocks in a segment:    (between [16, 1024])


    After you press Submit, the program will generate the distortion measured in PSNR (dB) and the resulting decoded image.

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